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          Domain name registration service is a service that focused on the simplicity of the domain registration process in order to facilitate customers who want to register a domain name to follow the process of registering a domain name easily and quickly. There are explanations in every steps of the domain name registration with us. Therefore, even if you have never registered your domain name, you will able to follow the steps simply. We provide the services of domain name registration in several domain extensions, such as global groups, namely, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .asia, .tv, or domain extensions in Thailand group, namely,,,, and other domain extensions for your selection.

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FREE Add-ons with every Domain Name!

Get Free Services with every Domain you Register.

Free Email Account
Receive 2 personalized Email Addresses such as with free fraud, spam and virus protection.
DNS Management
Free lifetime DNS service which allows you to manage your DNS records on our globally distributed and highly redundant DNS infrastructure.
Free Mail Forwards
Create free email forwards and automatically redirect your email to existing email accounts.
Bulk Tools
Easy-to-use bulk tools to help you Register, Renew, Transfer and make other changes to several Domain Names in a single step.
Domain Forwarding
Point your domain name to another website for free! Redirect users when they type your domain name into a browser (with/without domain masking & SEO)
Domain Theft Protection
Protect your Domain from being transferred out accidentally or without your permission with our free Domain Theft Protection.
Whois Privacy Protection
Privacy protection keeping the information you’d like to keep to yourself from getting into the hands of companies, hackers, government organizations, and other groups. Privacy Protection is not available with some TLDs (extensions) due to various restrictions imposed by the Registry Operator.
Easy to use Control Panel
Use our intuitive Control Panel to manage your domain name, configure email accounts, renew your domain name and buy more services.

Domain Pricing

TLDMin. YearsRegisterTransferRenew
.com1฿339.00 THB฿349.00 THB฿349.00 THB
.net1฿389.00 THB฿389.00 THB฿389.00 THB
.org1฿359.00 THB฿359.00 THB฿359.00 THB
.info1฿519.00 THB฿519.00 THB฿519.00 THB
.us1฿299.00 THB฿299.00 THB฿299.00 THB
.name1฿289.00 THB฿289.00 THB฿289.00 THB
.eu1฿319.00 THB฿319.00 THB฿319.00 THB
.ws1฿549.00 THB฿549.00 THB฿549.00 THB
.biz1฿539.00 THB฿539.00 THB฿539.00 THB
.asia1฿499.00 THB฿499.00 THB฿499.00 THB
.in1฿549.00 THB฿549.00 THB฿549.00 THB
.tel1฿629.00 THB฿629.00 THB฿629.00 THB
.mobi1฿619.00 THB฿619.00 THB฿619.00 THB
.ca1฿549.00 THB฿549.00 THB฿549.00 THB
.tv1฿1069.00 THB฿1069.00 THB฿1069.00 THB
.cc1฿879.00 THB฿879.00 THB฿879.00 THB
.co1฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB
.me1฿559.00 THB฿559.00 THB฿559.00 THB
.co.in1฿319.00 THB฿319.00 THB฿319.00 THB
.net.in1฿319.00 THB฿319.00 THB฿319.00 THB
.org.in1฿319.00 THB฿319.00 THB฿319.00 THB
.ind.in1฿319.00 THB฿319.00 THB฿319.00 THB
.firm.in1฿319.00 THB฿319.00 THB฿319.00 THB
.gen.in1฿319.00 THB฿319.00 THB฿319.00 THB
.in.th1฿350.00 THB฿350.00 THB฿350.00 THB
.co.th1฿750.00 THB฿750.00 THB฿750.00 THB
.ac.th1฿750.00 THB฿750.00 THB฿750.00 THB
.go.th1฿750.00 THB฿750.00 THB฿750.00 THB
.net.th1฿750.00 THB฿750.00 THB฿750.00 THB
.or.th1฿750.00 THB฿750.00 THB฿750.00 THB
.mi.th1฿750.00 THB฿750.00 THB฿750.00 THB
.link1฿499.00 THB฿499.00 THB฿499.00 THB
.click1฿359.00 THB฿359.00 THB฿359.00 THB
.company1฿369.00 THB฿369.00 THB฿369.00 THB
.club1฿589.00 THB฿589.00 THB฿589.00 THB
.xyz1฿479.00 THB฿479.00 THB฿479.00 THB
.audio1฿5209.00 THB฿5209.00 THB฿5209.00 THB
.help1฿1009.00 THB฿1049.00 THB฿1049.00 THB
.christmas1฿2269.00 THB฿2269.00 THB฿2269.00 THB
.cloud1฿889.00 THB฿889.00 THB฿889.00 THB
.buzz1฿2589.00 THB฿2589.00 THB฿2589.00 THB
.bid1฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB
.hosting1฿15539.00 THB฿15539.00 THB฿15539.00 THB
.actor1฿1459.00 THB฿1459.00 THB฿1459.00 THB
.engineer1฿1379.00 THB฿1379.00 THB฿1379.00 THB
.dentist1฿1909.00 THB฿1909.00 THB฿1909.00 THB
.fashion1฿1329.00 THB฿1329.00 THB฿1329.00 THB
.fit1฿1309.00 THB฿1309.00 THB฿1309.00 THB
.accountant1฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB
.band1฿1139.00 THB฿1139.00 THB฿1139.00 THB
.build1฿2709.00 THB฿2709.00 THB฿2709.00 THB
.global1฿2569.00 THB฿2569.00 THB฿2569.00 THB
.tech1฿2079.00 THB฿2079.00 THB฿2079.00 THB
.sale1฿1379.00 THB฿1379.00 THB฿1379.00 THB
.design1฿1819.00 THB฿1819.00 THB฿1819.00 THB
.bio1฿2449.00 THB฿2449.00 THB฿2449.00 THB
.press1฿2809.00 THB฿2809.00 THB฿2809.00 THB
.site1฿1309.00 THB฿1309.00 THB฿1309.00 THB
.credit1฿3549.00 THB฿3549.00 THB฿3549.00 THB
.career1฿3839.00 THB฿3839.00 THB฿3839.00 THB
.best1฿3839.00 THB฿3839.00 THB฿3839.00 THB
.rent1฿3129.00 THB฿3129.00 THB฿3129.00 THB
.car1฿106989.00 THB฿106989.00 THB฿106989.00 THB
.auto1฿106579.00 THB฿106579.00 THB฿106579.00 THB
.online1฿1329.00 THB฿1329.00 THB฿1329.00 THB
.cooking1฿1059.00 THB฿1059.00 THB฿1059.00 THB
.london1฿1819.00 THB฿1819.00 THB฿1819.00 THB
.website1฿1009.00 THB฿1009.00 THB฿1009.00 THB
.wiki1฿1209.00 THB฿1209.00 THB฿1209.00 THB
.aaa.pro1฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB
.aca.pro1฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB
.academy1฿1139.00 THB฿1139.00 THB฿1139.00 THB
.accountants1฿3429.00 THB฿3429.00 THB฿3429.00 THB
.acct.pro1฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB
.ae.org1฿769.00 THB฿769.00 THB฿769.00 THB
.art1฿509.00 THB฿509.00 THB฿509.00 THB
.associates1฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB
.auction1฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB
.avocat.pro1฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB
.bar.pro1฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB
.bargains1฿1109.00 THB฿1109.00 THB฿1109.00 THB
.bike1฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB
.black1฿1999.00 THB฿1999.00 THB฿1999.00 THB
.blackfriday1฿5249.00 THB฿5249.00 THB฿5249.00 THB
.blog1฿1059.00 THB฿1059.00 THB฿1059.00 THB
.blue1฿669.00 THB฿669.00 THB฿669.00 THB
.business1฿289.00 THB฿289.00 THB฿289.00 THB
.bz1฿719.00 THB฿719.00 THB฿719.00 THB
.camera1฿1779.00 THB฿1779.00 THB฿1779.00 THB
.camp1฿1829.00 THB฿1829.00 THB฿1829.00 THB
.casa1฿939.00 THB฿939.00 THB฿939.00 THB
.cash1฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB
.center1฿759.00 THB฿759.00 THB฿759.00 THB
.city1฿759.00 THB฿759.00 THB฿759.00 THB
.cleaning1฿1779.00 THB฿1779.00 THB฿1779.00 THB
.cn1฿319.00 THB฿319.00 THB฿319.00 THB
.cn.com1฿1409.00 THB฿1409.00 THB฿1409.00 THB
.coffee1฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB
.com.cn1฿329.00 THB฿329.00 THB฿329.00 THB
.com.co1฿589.00 THB฿589.00 THB฿589.00 THB
.consulting1฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB
.cool1฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB
.country1฿1059.00 THB฿1059.00 THB฿1059.00 THB
.cpa.pro1฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB
.creditcard1฿5259.00 THB฿5259.00 THB฿5259.00 THB
.cricket1฿1059.00 THB฿1059.00 THB฿1059.00 THB
.dance1฿879.00 THB฿879.00 THB฿879.00 THB
.date1฿1259.00 THB฿1259.00 THB฿1259.00 THB
.de1฿319.00 THB฿3179.00 THB฿319.00 THB
.de.com1฿769.00 THB฿769.00 THB฿769.00 THB
.degree1฿1619.00 THB฿1619.00 THB฿1619.00 THB
.desi1฿629.00 THB฿629.00 THB฿629.00 THB
.diet1฿5249.00 THB฿5249.00 THB฿5249.00 THB
.dog1฿1779.00 THB฿1779.00 THB฿1779.00 THB
.durban1฿939.00 THB฿939.00 THB฿939.00 THB
.eco1฿2669.00 THB฿2669.00 THB฿2669.00 THB
.email1฿819.00 THB฿819.00 THB฿819.00 THB
.energy1฿3549.00 THB฿3549.00 THB฿3549.00 THB
.eng.pro1฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB
.es1฿339.00 THB฿339.00 THB฿339.00 THB
.eu.com1฿769.00 THB฿769.00 THB฿769.00 THB
.faith1฿1279.00 THB฿1279.00 THB฿1279.00 THB
.fishing1฿1069.00 THB฿1069.00 THB฿1069.00 THB
.fun1฿859.00 THB฿859.00 THB฿859.00 THB
.futbol1฿589.00 THB฿589.00 THB฿589.00 THB
.garden1฿1299.00 THB฿1299.00 THB฿1299.00 THB
.gdn1฿469.00 THB฿469.00 THB฿469.00 THB
.gift1฿709.00 THB฿709.00 THB฿709.00 THB
.glass1฿1909.00 THB฿1909.00 THB฿1909.00 THB
.gr.com1฿769.00 THB฿769.00 THB฿769.00 THB
.green1฿3149.00 THB฿3149.00 THB฿3149.00 THB
.group1฿709.00 THB฿709.00 THB฿709.00 THB
.guru1฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB฿1129.00 THB
.horse1฿1069.00 THB฿1069.00 THB฿1069.00 THB
.host1฿3469.00 THB฿3469.00 THB฿3469.00 THB
.how1฿1049.00 THB฿1049.00 THB฿1049.00 THB
.hu.com1฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB
.ink1฿1049.00 THB฿1049.00 THB฿1049.00 THB
.jobs1฿559.00 THB฿559.00 THB฿559.00 THB
.jpn.com1฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB
.jur.pro1฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB
.kim1฿669.00 THB฿669.00 THB฿669.00 THB
.kitchen1฿1809.00 THB฿1809.00 THB฿1809.00 THB
.kiwi1฿1329.00 THB฿1329.00 THB฿1329.00 THB
.la1฿559.00 THB฿559.00 THB฿559.00 THB
.law.pro1฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB
.lawyer1฿1739.00 THB฿1739.00 THB฿1739.00 THB
.loan1฿1059.00 THB฿1059.00 THB฿1059.00 THB
.loans1฿3629.00 THB฿3629.00 THB฿3629.00 THB
.lol1฿1299.00 THB฿1299.00 THB฿1299.00 THB
.love1฿1299.00 THB฿1299.00 THB฿1299.00 THB
.luxury1฿20709.00 THB฿20709.00 THB฿20709.00 THB
.market1฿1349.00 THB฿1349.00 THB฿1349.00 THB
.med.pro1฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB
.menu1฿1299.00 THB฿1299.00 THB฿1299.00 THB
.mn1฿559.00 THB฿559.00 THB฿559.00 THB
.moda1฿1149.00 THB฿1149.00 THB฿1149.00 THB
.mom1฿1329.00 THB฿1329.00 THB฿1329.00 THB
.net.cn1฿329.00 THB฿329.00 THB฿329.00 THB
.net.co1฿589.00 THB฿589.00 THB฿589.00 THB
.news1฿909.00 THB฿909.00 THB฿909.00 THB
.ninja1฿759.00 THB฿759.00 THB฿759.00 THB
.no.com1฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB
.nom.co1฿589.00 THB฿589.00 THB฿589.00 THB
.nyc1฿1079.00 THB฿1079.00 THB฿1079.00 THB
.one1฿449.00 THB฿449.00 THB฿449.00 THB
.org.cn1฿329.00 THB฿329.00 THB฿329.00 THB
.party1฿1209.00 THB฿1209.00 THB฿1209.00 THB
.photo1฿1249.00 THB฿1249.00 THB฿1249.00 THB
.photography1฿799.00 THB฿799.00 THB฿799.00 THB
.pics1฿1079.00 THB฿1079.00 THB฿1079.00 THB
.pictures1฿509.00 THB฿509.00 THB฿509.00 THB
.pink1฿669.00 THB฿669.00 THB฿669.00 THB
.plumbing1฿1909.00 THB฿1909.00 THB฿1909.00 THB
.pro1฿659.00 THB฿659.00 THB฿659.00 THB
.property1฿5449.00 THB฿5449.00 THB฿5449.00 THB
.qc.com1฿769.00 THB฿769.00 THB฿769.00 THB
.recht.pro1฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB฿6659.00 THB
.red1฿669.00 THB฿669.00 THB฿669.00 THB
.rest1฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB
.reviews1฿1049.00 THB฿1049.00 THB฿1049.00 THB
.rodeo1฿1099.00 THB฿1099.00 THB฿1099.00 THB
.ru1฿239.00 THB฿239.00 THB฿239.00 THB
.ru.com1฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB
.sa.com1฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB
.science1฿1249.00 THB฿1249.00 THB฿1249.00 THB
.se.com1฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB
.se.net1฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB
.shoes1฿1779.00 THB฿1779.00 THB฿1779.00 THB
.shop1฿1259.00 THB฿1259.00 THB฿1259.00 THB
.social1฿1379.00 THB฿1379.00 THB฿1379.00 THB
.software1฿1409.00 THB฿1409.00 THB฿1409.00 THB
.solar1฿1779.00 THB฿1779.00 THB฿1779.00 THB
.solutions1฿759.00 THB฿759.00 THB฿759.00 THB
.soy1฿1069.00 THB฿1069.00 THB฿1069.00 THB
.space1฿889.00 THB฿889.00 THB฿889.00 THB
.store1฿2159.00 THB฿2159.00 THB฿2159.00 THB
.systems1฿749.00 THB฿749.00 THB฿749.00 THB
.tips1฿789.00 THB฿789.00 THB฿789.00 THB
.today1฿719.00 THB฿719.00 THB฿719.00 THB
.tools1฿1279.00 THB฿1279.00 THB฿1279.00 THB
.top1฿569.00 THB฿569.00 THB฿569.00 THB
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.uk.net1฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB฿1339.00 THB
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.video1฿989.00 THB฿989.00 THB฿989.00 THB
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.wedding1฿1259.00 THB฿1259.00 THB฿1259.00 THB
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