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SSL Certificate

         The SSL Certificate is an electronic security certification service. Issued or endorsed by CA (Certificate Authority). It will certify SSL (Secure Socket Layer) standards. To validate the identity of the website owner and secure the encryption and decryption of the data with the SSL mechanism via HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol, unsuspecting users capture our data during transmission. It is not possible to read the information that we send directly, it must be the real server to decrypt and read data. Increased confidence for users to receive and send sensitive information is private. Especially, the site has an online store system. Pay online For the SSL Certificate service, there are three types of services: single-domain certificates, certificates for one domain, all sub-domains (Wildcard), and certificates for Multi-Domain with starting price of 800 Baht / year with free consultation and installation.


SSL certificate TypeSingle-domain DVWildcard DVMulti-domain DV
ValidationDomain ValidationDomain ValidationDomain Validation
Secured Domains113
Additional Domains××
Issuance Time30 minute30 minute30 minute
Encryption StrengthUp to 256-bitUp to 256-bitUp to 256-bit
Key length2048-bit2048-bit2048-bit
Protect multiple domains××
Secure sub-domains××
International domain name support (IDN)
Support for SAN (UC)××
Mobile Support
Browser Compatibility
Fast issuance and validation