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What is SSD and HDD Hosting?


         To choose a Dedicated Hosting or Dedicated Server service, you should consider several factors. In the past, hard disk drive was the most recognizable type of storage device. These metal record plates have been in use for decades and can also store large amounts of data at very cheap prices. Over the years, new data loggers generated by the use of circuit chips that make up storage units instead of conventional metal plates, also known as SSDs (Solid State Drives), have become increasingly popular. Especially in terms of Dedicated Hosting when choosing a hosting service. Knowing the difference between SSD and HDD storage can help you make informed decisions that best suit your business needs.

What's faster with SSD and HDD?

         When comparing Dedicated Hosting using SSD and HDD, speed is often raised as the main deciding factor. When it comes to speed, we mean that your server speed, while storing data and accessing HDD data, contains magnetic-coated metal plates to store your data. The reader rotated above the log plate keeps it stored and retrieved as needed. The faster the turntable rotates, the better. The faster you store and access data, the faster it will be. Unfortunately, the turntable only rotates so fast that it's just before it crashes. Until the speed limit of the metal plate memory record unit followed.

On the other hand, the SSD has no part to move. It uses the same basic storage type, but can read and write data with higher performance. Unlike HDD that have to move with mechanical parts. The SSD storage uses a microchip similar to that of flash drives and memory sticks. This means that it can store and access data faster than competitors that require readers and turntables because SSD access data much faster than HDD. SSD-based hosting makes your website load data faster. This can affect the ranking factors of the web search engine, the user experience. It also helps your website to be more successful.

Dedicated Hosting SSDs for data security and reliability

         For any business Storing your data securely and accessible is especially useful because HDD have a moving part, so the risk of crashes remains likely over and over again. Problems with the data recorder It can cause damage and data loss. Instead, most hosting providers reduce the risk of this problem by using backup systems, but the risk of data loss persists. In comparison, SSD don't use any parts that require movement. This makes it less prone to crashes. The use of SSD also deteriorates, and performance runs less, somewhat slower, as they go on over the years. It lasts longer compared to HDD.

Different SSD and HDD

         As a newer technology than its competitors, SSD turntables cost more than HDD. The price difference also begins to have a tiered mechanism. Many hosting providers, such as DATATAN.NET, have launched Dedicated Hosting or Dedicated Server using SSD as an option for users. We offer SSD storage along with all our Dedicated Hosting service packages. This offers more reliance on productivity and time-play issues than using HDD, which means that all our Dedicated Hosting packages bring satisfaction to the site. Block or use your application faster and have fewer system crashes.