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What is Data Transfer or Bandwidth?

         Data Transfer or Bandwidth is the data that runs in and out between the server and people who come to use the website. Whether it is via HTTP, FTP or by E-mail, which in general. each hosting has set the amount of data traffic in Byte units and is limited to the amount per month according to the appropriate rate of each size of the Web Hosting plan, which Data Transfer or Bandwidth, these will be divided to each website on the same server according to set by the web hosting provider.

         If there is a limit on the amount of data in and out. When the website has more users than the limit. It will cause the server to temporarily suspend the use of that website. And will be able to use it again in the next month because it will start counting the number of Data Transfer or accessing new data every month, which users of web hosting With the amount of traffic that exceeds the limit, should upgrade the hosting specification to suit the traffic of their own website.

         Web hosting that provides unlimited data transfer service means that there is no limit or limitation of the amount of data traffic between the website and the server and there will be no suspension even with the traffic rate in However much that website.