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Choosing a Web Hosting Service Provider


       Every website needs Web Hosting because it's what gives your website an address and makes it easily accessible to web visitors. Today, there are many options for web hosting services with a wide range of prices and functionality. You need to know what kind of web hosting you need. and find the right service provider for you. When choosing a web hosting, considerations must be given to features such as speed, security, usability, and usability. The ability to modify the size, price, and web hosting environment.


         Web visitors expect your website to load within 2 seconds, if it takes longer. It's more likely that they will leave your site. Google's search engine also uses the speed of page loading as a ranking factor. So slow website performance can hurt your website's search rankings and make it less visible to customers in search results. even if it comes from various factors But having a web hosting provider that has fast servers and enough memory and processing. To support fast page loading speed is essential for every business.


         Securing your website should be a top priority. The server should be equipped with a powerful firewall and should check at all times for anything unusual or unauthorized access. Your web hosting provider should have an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, which is a security that encrypts data transmitted between your server and the user's web browser. It is standardized for all websites and is essential if you are selling products or accepting payments through the website.


         Does your company have the technological know-how and internal resources and labor to manage your website's servers? Or do you want a web hosting service that can handle everything for you? If you need your web hosting provider to help. You need to make sure they can take care of you 24/7 and be accessible in the event of a power outage or other issues.

Ability to scale (Scale)

         Take a look at your current website traffic and content. Do you expect to use more resources? If in the future there will be more visitors to the web. More content in both images and videos If so, you should find a web hosting provider that can support the future expansion of your website.


         Web hosting can cost a few hundred baht per month to several thousand baht per month or even "free", but of course you pay for the service. You only get quality back. Typically, "free" web hosting is available in exchange for asking the hosting provider to display their ads on your website or as an add-on to a more advanced service package. For cheap web hosting, this may mean that you have flexibility and limited access to resources. This can lead to performance issues. You have to make sure that you know your needs. so that you don't end up with “Special offers” that do not meet your needs.

Web hosting environment (Environment)

         Shared hosting is generally the most expensive option. Although there are other options that is cheaper This shared hosting puts your website on the server along with other websites. This means that you are sharing your space and resources with other websites. on the same server Therefore, if another website on your server experiences a significant increase in traffic, your website's performance may also be affected. Web pages may load slowly or they may not be accessible at all. Shared hosting may also pose a security risk.

         In our web hosting we recommend Virtual Private Server (VPS). It simulates a high performance server. Multiple operating systems (OS) can be installed and run simultaneously, with every VPS allocated virtual resources from the server as private resources. This allows you to be confident that the data on your VPS is highly secure and can run smoothly. In addition to more resources, VPS gives you more control over your web hosting environment.

         For server rental (Dedicated Server), this means that you have a single server dedicated to your website. All storage and power belongs to you alone and you can control how you use the server. Companies with good IT staff may choose a server like this Because they will be able to take care of everything and be ready to deal with any problems that arise and install or update information as needed. Of course, if you choose the full package You will be taken care of both maintenance and safety to the maximum. 

         Cloud hosting servers will run on large clouds. This includes the processing of hundreds of physical servers. Because cloud hosting is not limited to a single server. You can scale by adding space without the need to change hosting providers or reconfigure. You only pay for the resources you use. Cloud hosting also increases the uptime of your website.